I'm wife to Steve, mom to Garfield (a rotund orange tabby), a lifelong Lutheran, a psychologist, a professor, and a writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries. Most importantly, I'm a Jesus follower; my passion is helping others deepen their faith and relationships through travel.

The adventure started in 2019 when I tried to visit Israel; at the last minute, my opportunity disappeared. Confused and discouraged, I explored the possibility of organizing a group for my home church instead. I coordinated with a travel company in my free time over many months, and plans fell into place as only God could orchestrate them. 

After almost a year, I and 41 fellow travelers completed an incredible tour of Israel in January 2020. Seeing biblical sites and hearing local guides made the Bible three-dimensional! We created once-in-a-lifetime memories and became a true family. 

Before we'd even left Israel, I was asked where we were going next, so I planned two more trips. And things took off!


I've since completed a travel advisor curriculum, passed the Travel Institute's Travel Agent Proficiency Exam, and created "East From West Travel, LLC," a faith-based travel agency serving churches and religious organizations. 

Although I organized several trips as a hobby prior to formally creating East From West Travel, the agency takes my offerings and resources to a new level. I cultivate direct relationships with suppliers, complete industry-level training, and deliver better experiences for travelers. This is invaluable for already-too-busy Pastors, church staff, and small group leaders. Instead of trying to do everything on your own (and perhaps not knowing wh ere to start!), I can help you create affordable, meaningful and personalized experiences. That means you can secure the best values and the most peace of mind for your group. 

Why do I do it? Perhaps what means the most to me is being along for the ride when my groups have life-changing experiences. It’s an honor to play a small part in your faith journeys.